second [1] ORDINAL NUMBER 1) constituting number two in a sequence; 2nd. 2) subordinate or inferior in position, rank, or importance. 3) (seconds) goods of an inferior quality. 4) (seconds) informal a second course or second helping of food at a meal. 5) secondly. 6) Brit. a place in the second highest grade in an examination for a degree. 7) an attendant assisting a combatant in a duel or boxing match.
VERB 1) formally support or endorse (a nomination or resolution) before adoption or further discussion. 2) express agreement with.
DERIVATIVES seconder noun.
ORIGIN Latin secundus 'following, second' , from sequi 'follow' .
second [2] NOUN 1) the unit of time in the SI system, equal to one-sixtieth of a minute. 2) informal a very short time. 3) (also arc second or second of arc) a sixtieth of a minute of angular distance.
ORIGIN from Latin secunda minuta 'second minute' , from secundus, referring to the ‘second’ operation of dividing an hour by sixty.
second [3] VERB Brit. temporarily transfer (a worker) to another position.
DERIVATIVES secondee noun secondment noun.
ORIGIN from French en second 'in the second rank (of officers)' .

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